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Less than 1% of civil cases are resolved by trial. Mediation is an effective form of dispute resolution. With Mediation the resolution of the dispute is controlled by the parties as opposed to the courts, attorneys, or mediator. Since the court is not involved with the mediation process the attorney fees and costs to reach resolution is substantially less than the expense of going to trial. Mediation is a private process, and therefore, none of the details of the dispute or the resoultion is public. The parties also control how and when mediation occurs and many times mediation can effectively resolve a dispute before the parties expend their resources to litigate the dispute.

Peter M. Doerr has 46 years of experience litigating civil cases in the courts to conclusion through trial, which informs his communications with the parties during the mediation process.

Peter M. Doerr has completed the training as a general, civil mediator through the Institute of Continuing Legal Education. Peter M. Doerr is on the roster of approved civil mediators with the Genesee County Circuit Court.

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